As we celebrated the Labor Day holiday recently, there were many reflections on workers and their role in the economy. Naturally, this year those reflections included discussions of how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted working conditions and dramatically increased job insecurity and unemployment. In many ways the pandemic has laid…

Photo credits: CrispyCream27 CC BY-SA (https- licenses by-sa 4.0)

Post by Oscar Valdes Viera

In recent weeks, we have seen President Trump brag about the Opportunity Zones (O-Zone) tax break as part of his fictional track-record supporting Black communities, as well as push for an expansion of this tax giveaway to purportedly help jump-start a U.S. economy battered into…


Americans for Financial Reform is a coalition of over 200 organizations spearheading a campaign for real reform in our banking & financial systems.

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